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Netdao Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine


Course of Instruction


Netdao Institute of Thai Traditonal Medicine by Prof.Netdao Yuangsri (Director) is the first and only one of institute in Type ก. Certified from Knowledge of medicine Thailand board in the field of Doctor of Thai Medicine, Doctor of Thai Pharmacy and Obstetrician. Those who graduation can test for the license.


Prof.Netdao Yuangsri's vision to save the Thai Medicine and the Knowledge of predecessor to existence with Thai People. This is the beginning of a teacher Netdao Yuangsri who have a lot of students and the beginning of Netdao Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine ( NITTM ) for the course of Thai Traditional Medicine with standard and systematic by the course is accredited.

Prof.Netdao Yuangsri Invited by many agencies to lecture and to be a special instructor such as Department for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, College of Oriental Medicine Rangsit University etc.

Certification Institute

Application form

- Doctor of Thai Medicine

      Duration course 3 years


- Doctor of Thai Pharmacy

      Duration course 2 years


- Obstetrician

      Duration course 1 year

       Class location NITTM 103, Lasan 43 Alley (Sukhumvit 105 Alley), Sukhumvit Rd., Bangna   Sub-area, Bangkok, Thailand

Study Time : Saturday - Sunday

                  09.00 am. - 16.00 pm.

Doctor of Thai Medicine

Learn about diagnosis, policing, disease, medicine to the right treatment with various methods such as medicine, massage, compress etc. (When you finish the course you can test for the licence Doctor of Thai Medicine)

Doctor of Thai Pharmacy

Learn about herbs include the pharmaceutical substances (plants, animals and object element), Pharmacy benefit, Category of medicine known to be effective for treatment and Meth


Learn about pregnancy and the health of pregnant for quality of life of the mother and fetus, To know the process that can be used in an emergency and the beauty of the mother after birth.

Date of Registration Semester 2558           =>

1 March 2558 - 31 May 2558

You can download the application form to fill your information and sent the to NITTM or apply in person.


Application form, ID card copy 2, Home's registration copy 1, Transcrip  1, Health certificate

Qualifications for admission

1. Thai nationality

2. Have not a criminal record

3. Is not a contagious disease.

4. Age 18 and above

5. Graduated from high school.

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